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It's Easy to Apply to PEEP with the Checklist and Application!

As a school district GSRP, PEEP meets the highest standards of quality.   

PEEP provides children with a strong foundation for school readiness in all areas of development and learning.  PEEP students enjoy and benefit from the Opening the World of Learning (OWL) curriculum.  Memorable enriching experiences are built around high-quality children's books, ambitious vocabulary, hands-on math, the natural world, families and community.     

PEEP teachers know how to "speak child."  They skillfully teach and nurture the youngest students in the district.  Each PEEP teacher has not only a four year degree but a teaching certificate with specialization in early childhood education.  Some PEEP teachers also have master degrees in child development or early childhood education.  PEEP teachers engage children in active learning that is joyful, intentional, and ultimately, even life changing

The research results "are in" and the proof is "in the pudding" or more accurately, the pre-kindergarten:

Children who attend a high-quality pre-kindergarten like PEEP do better in school “all the way through,” graduate, get better jobs as adults, and live happier more successful lives. 

* Families with income above 250% of the Federal Poverty Level now pay a small amount, as required by the State legislature.  For a family of four, 250% of the Federal Poverty Level is a yearly income of approximately $62,000.    

** PEEP as a Great Start Readiness Program must adhere to an age cut-off of four years old by December 1.  However, if you have a child who is or will be three years old by September 1, PEEP can help by sending your application to KRESA Head Start.  PEEP works collaboratively with other high-quality pre-kindergartens in the county, like Head Start, so that every family that would like their child to have a pre-kindergarten experience can find a program that is no or low cost and affordable.

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PEEP is having a big birthday!!