PEEP Pre-K Checklist
 End-of-Preschool Parent Checklist

This checklist provides a summary of the main learning goals for the school year and helps parents know what preschool (or pre-kindergarten) children should know and be able to do by the end of the preschool/pre-kindergarten year.  A print friendly version in English and Spanish is available below, too.   

Thinking and Learning (cognitive)


  • Names all letters

  • Listens to someone reading; looks at books often

  • Retells events from a familiar story

  • Uses reading skills with books (top/bottom, left/right, front/back, finger-point)


  • Draws and writes letter-like shapes/letters

  • Writes first name

  • Writes labels/words on drawings

  • Tells a short story about self by drawing and/or writing


  • Sorts familiar objects

  • Creates simple patterns (red, blue, red, blue, etc.)

  • Names shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, square)

  • Counts groups of objects to 10

  • Counts to 20; names numerals 1-10

Talking and Listening (expressive and receptive language)

  • Speaks clearly in complete sentences

  • Takes turns talking and listening about the same subject

  • States first and last name, city, and street

  • Listens and follows two-step directions

Feeling Good/Getting Along with Others (socio-emotional)

  • Learns words for different feelings (happy, angry, sad, etc.)

  • Engages in activity, for at least 15 minutes, individually and with others

  • Follows rules at home and school

  • Plays easily with one or more children

Moving Large and Small Muscles (gross and fine motor)

  • Balances for ten seconds on one foot

  • Hops on one foot, five times

  • Washes hands before eating and after bathroom

  • Holds pencil, crayons, and scissors correctly