General Professional Development Information

Kalamazoo Public Schools provides and tracks professional development (PD) for teachers and administrators. Matt McCullough, director of curriculum, instruction and professional development, oversees the administration of PD for the district. 

Professional Development

There are two major types of PD offered:

  • Building or staff PD happens on-site in the teachers' or administrators' assigned building. It is site-specific, providing development according to the needs of the staff at that location.
  • District PD is content-specific and is generally divided by grade-level or by department or content area
Contact Information

Matt McCullough

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

(269) 337-0193


Carleen Rieger

Instructional Secretary

(269) 337-0148


Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development

Kalamazoo Public Schools Administration Building

1220 Howard St.

Kalamazoo MI 4908