Grade 1 Mathematics

First Grade Overview

The big ideas for first grade students are focused on consolidating their counting knowledge, and exploring addition and subtraction as number operations. Working with number operations will draw heavily on the use of concrete materials and contextual situations that make sense to students. Measurement is introduced through time and money, and geometric ideas are based on students’ experience in the real world.  

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
First Grade Overview

Family and Community Resources
Mentally find 10 more or 10 less within 100
Mentalmente encuentra 10 más que o 10 menos dentro del número 100 
Tabla de 100
Add and subtract numbers between 0 and 10
Ten Frames
Sumar y restar números entre el 0 y el 10
Tablas de Diez
Given any number count by ones, read and write numerals to 120
Contar de cualquier número proporcionado de uno en uno, leer y escribir números hasta el 120

Online Resources
Use the Interactive Number Chart to help your student increase their counting confidence.

Play "I Got Your Number" to increase your student's ability to mentally find 10 more or 10 less within 100.

"Blast Off" will increase your student's ability to add and subtract numbers between 0 and 10.

Test your addition skills against other players in "Kitten Match."

Subtract toppings to make the perfect pizza in "Subtraction Pizza Party."

Increase your student's ability to count by tens in "Skip Counting."

"Learning Coins" can help students identify coins and their value.

First Grade Parent Roadmap