Grade 2 Mathematics

Second Grade Overview

The big ideas for second grade students will focus on more sophisticated work in addition and subtraction of whole numbers, and begin conceptual development of multiplication and division, grounded in contexts and modeled using concrete objects. Teachers will emphasize the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Students will use strategies and algorithms to compute using whole numbers. Students should be able to demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction facts up to 10 + 10 by the end of the second grade. Simple ideas about fractions are introduced. In geometry, students will continue to learn about geometric shapes and their elements.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Second Grade Overview

Family and Community Resources
Fluently add and Subtract within 20 & know the sum of any two single-digit numbers
Eficazmente sumará y restará números dentro del 20 y sabrá el resultado de sumar dos números de un solo dígito  
Fluently add and Subtract within 100 (pencil and paper)
Suma y Resta hasta el 100 con fluidez (usando lápiz y papel)
Mentally find 100 more or 100 less within 1000
Mentalmente encuentra 100 más o 100 menos dentro del número 1000
Count by 1s, 5s, 10s, and 100s within 1,000
Contando de 1 en 1, 5 en 5, 10 en 10, y 100 en 100 hasta el 1000

Online Resources

General math "Game Sites."


Play "Number Cop" dividing numbers without crashing into them!


Mr. Frog needs to "Catch the Fly" with the x, y coordinates.


Funbrain "Measure It!" in centimeters or inches.


Help "BT Bear" catch ten cubes.


"How Much Money is Here?" money flashcards.


Get as much money in your "Piggy Bank" as possible, by figuring out the correct change.

Second Grade Parent Roadmap