Grade 4 Mathematics

Course/Grade Level Description
By the end of the fourth grade student will have consolidated addition and subtraction of whole numbers, and will have done much in multiplication and division of whole numbers. Work in number also extends to fractions and decimal fractions, using limited sets of fractions as the basis for building meaning for equivalent fractions, addition, subtraction, and fraction as part of a set of objects. Work in measurement becomes more sophisticated with emphasis on units and conversion within systems of units. In order to allow for the development of Number and Operations, there are relatively few expectations in Geometry and Data and Probability in Grade 4.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Fourth Grade Overview

Family and Community Resources
Fluently add and subtract within 1,000,000
Suma y resta con fluidez hasta 1,000,000
Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
Sumar y restar fracciones con denominadores comunes 
Know all multiplication and division fact families for whole number factors up to 10
Aprender todo lo relacionado con la multiplicación y división con números enteros factores de 10
Identify and create equivalent fractions
Identificar y crear fracciones equivalentes

Online Resources
Solve division problems, and score a goal in "Soccer Game."

Discover the relationship between whole and fractional numbers in "Creature Capture."

Choose your level of addition difficulty at "School Express."


Improve your mental addition abilities with other players in "Jet Ski Addition."


Practice fraction identification and reduction in "Sand Dollar Exchange."

Choose 1 to 10 levels of "Division" problems.

Fourth Grade Parent Roadmap