Grade 5 Mathematics

Course/Grade Level Description
In the fifth grade, emphasis within the number area shifts to understanding of the addition and subtraction of fractions, with continued consolidation of multiplication and division concepts and skills with whole numbers. The idea of remainders in whole number division is addressed. Students learn the meaning of a fraction as the result of a division problem, and learn to work with decimals and percentages. In geometry and measurement, there is emphasis on the meaning and measurement of angles, and on solving problems involving areas and angles. Work in number using exponents and factors begins to lead to algebraic ideas that will be more visible in grade six.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Fifth Grade Overview

Family and Community Resources
Multiply up to three-digit numbers by two-digit numbers using the standard algorithm
Multiplicar números de hasta tres dígitos por números de dos dígitos usando el algoritmo estándar

Online Resources

Learn how to do sums in your head with this "Mental Maths" game.

Grow your monster by adding fractions in "Feed Me Fractions."

Discover many kinds of measurement and data in the "Dinosaur Train Classic."


Measuring "Size and Weight" in this math game.


Find the correct degree in "Measuring Angles."

Create and interpret bar graph data in "Fuzz Bugs:  Graphing."


Bar, line, area, pie, and coordinate "Create a Graph."

Fifth Grade Parent Roadmap