High School Mathematics

Algebra I
This course provides students with the fundamental skills and concepts of algebra including quadratic functions, inequalities, absolute value, laws of exponents, and rational expressions. This course integrates the use of multiple representations including graphs, tables, and equations, and uses manipulatives and technology to further students' algebraic thinking. Students learn to model and solve real-life situations with connections to geometry, statistics, and probability. 

This course will develop students' analytical and spatial reasoning while focusing on the first half of the essential concepts of geometry such as area, volume, transformation of shapes, perimeter, trigonometry, formal proofs, informal proofs, coordinate-geometry, two and three-dimensional geometric figures, angles and measurement, congruency, geometric figures, similarity of triangles, properties of circles, polygons, and assorted geometric concepts related to the geometry of the plane. Students will learn to connect concepts of geometry to real-world applications, technology, algebra, and other academic disciplines.

Algebra II
This course will develop students' ability to reason algebraically by building upon Algebra I and Geometry concepts. Students will focus on the essential concepts of Algebra II such as polynomials and power functions, counting and inferential statistics, and conic sections. Students will also extend their knowledge of univariate and bivariate statistical applications. Students will extend their learning to model and solve real-life situations involving technology and other academic disciplines.

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