Kindergarten Mathematics

Kindergarten Overview

The big ideas for kindergarten children are in the area of numbers. Kindergarten expectations emphasize counting, grouping and ordering numbers. Teachers will emphasize meaning, naming and patterns. In kindergarten, instructional time should focus on two critical areas:  (1) representing, relating, and operating on whole numbers, initially with sets of objects; (2) describing shapes and space. More learning time in kindergarten should be devoted to numbers than to other topics.


Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Kindergarten Overview

Family and Community Resources
Counting to 100 by ones and tens
Contar hasta 100 por unidades y decenas
Add and subtract numbers between 0 and 5
Suma y Resta números de entre el 0 al 5
Identify images of 0 through 10 without counting
Identificar cantidades del 0 al 10 sin terminar la cuenta
Representing quantities of objects with numbers
Representa una cantidad de objetos (0-20) con números
Mentally find 0 or 1 more or less than a number within 20
Mentalmente encuentra 0 o 1 más o menos que otro número hasta el 20


Online Resources

Help students understand basic number concepts with "Count Us In." 


Practice telling time and adding by 5's at "Get Up and Go" and "Up and Jump." 


Visit "AAA Math" for addition lessons.


Add, subtract and multiply with "Create Your Own Interactive Games."


Match the cars in this "Pattern Quest" challenge.

Earn money to rebuild the motherboard in "Cyber Chase:  The Quest."

Kindergarten Parent Roadmap