Enrolling in Kalamazoo Public Schools

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Welcome to Kalamazoo Public Schools! Our mission is to nurture the dreams of all students and to empower all students to contribute to a better world.

Michigan law generally requires students enroll in the school district in which their parent or legal guardian resides. New students under the age of 18 must be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian.

During regular operating hours and conditions, student registration forms can be found at the KPS Administration Building, 1220 Howard St. or online at www.kalamazoopublicschools. Online forms can be downloaded, printed, filled out, and returned to school buildings during the school year. While schools are closed, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents and guardians complete the forms, scan and email them to:

Families can check school assignments based on their home address through the online street address guide. Newly enrolled students will be placed in their neighborhood school as a priority. For more information, contact Student Services at (269) 337-0161.

Documents needed to enroll in Kalamazoo Public Schools:

  • Registration form (English) (Spanish) (Arabic)
  • Court papers allocating parental rights and responsibilities, or custody (if appropriate)
  • Original certified birth certificate. All new enrollees, in any grade, are required to provide the district with a certified birth certificate within 30 days of enrolling. If the parent/legal guardian fails to provide a birth certificate within 30 days, the district is required by law to notify law enforcement. The original birth certificate should have a raised seal.
  • Immunization record. A copy of the student's immunization records signed by a physician or health facility must be provided. Since 1978, state law requires each new entrant to the school district to present a certificate of current immunization at the time of registration or by no later than the first day of school.
  • Two pieces of proof of residency. Students must reside with a parent or legal guardian who resides in the Kalamazoo Public School district (or they must be accepted by the district as a School of Choice 105/105c student). Proof of residency is mandatory and can consist of the following documents — as long as they list the parent or guardian’s name and street address and are dated within the last 30 days.
    • Lease agreement
    • Home purchase agreement
    • Rent receipt
    • Utility bill

Kindergarten students: In addition to the documents listed above, kindergarten students must provide proof of hearing and vision screening.

High school students: In addition to the documents listed above, families must provide a copy of the transcript from the student’s previous school showing credits/grades to date. If a student is enrolling after the beginning of the school year, a copy of the withdrawal sheet from the previous school including classes/grades to date is required.

Special Education students: In addition to the documents listed above, parents or guardians must provide a recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP), so a temporary placement form can be completed

Homeless students: Students who meet the federal definition of homelessness may contact the KPS Homeless Liaison Robin Greymountain at for information regarding enrollment procedures.

Suspended or expelled students: A student who has been suspended, expelled, or otherwise removed for disciplinary purposes by another public school in Michigan or any another state may be temporarily denied admission to KPS schools during the period of suspension or expulsion — even if that student would otherwise be entitled to attend school in the district. Likewise, the student may be temporarily denied admission to the district until the expiration of the period of expulsion or removal which the student would have received in KPS had the student committed the offense while enrolled in the district. Prior to denying admission, however, the superintendent or his or her designee will review the circumstances of the suspension or expulsion in order to determine admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live outside the KPS boundaries. Can I still enroll in KPS?

Yes. Because KPS is a 105 and 105c School of Choice, students from other districts both inside and outside of Kalamazoo County may enroll. Because The Kalamazoo Promise requires residency within KPS boundaries, students who do not live in the boundary area are not eligible for The Kalamazoo Promise. Please complete the Out of District Request to Enroll form.

My child attended KPS last year. Do they need to re-enroll?


How old does a child need to be to enroll in kindergarten?

Children must be 5 years old by Sept. 1 to enroll in kindergarten. Parents may request a kindergarten enrollment waiver for children who will be 5 years old no later than Dec. 1.

What programs do you have for preschool?

Parents of children who will be 4 years old by Dec. 1 can apply for the KPS Pre-Kindergarten Early Education Program (PEEP). PEEP is a high-quality Kalamazoo County pre-kindergarten and State of Michigan Great Start Readiness Program. PEEP offers full-day, morning, or afternoon classes in most of the elementary schools across the district. For more information or to apply, visit the PEEP webpage.



For more information or answers to any other questions, please contact the Student Services department at or call (269) 337-1061. We look forward to helping you and your student!

Si usted necesita asistencia y no habla inglés, por favor póngase en contacto con el Coordinador de Educación Bilingüe, Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL) y Lenguas Mundiales al teléfono (269) 337-1579.

The Kalamazoo Promise

The Kalamazoo Promise is a unique scholarship that provides up to 100 percent, post-secondary tuition and fee assistance for every Kalamazoo Public Schools graduate. Begun in 2005, thanks to the generosity of anonymous donors, the Kalamazoo Promise has provided more than $67 million scholarships to more than 4,000 students. 

Eligibility: One of the most unique elements of the Kalamazoo Promise is its scope of eligibility. The scholarship is open to ALL students who graduate from Kalamazoo Public Schools, 2006 and beyond, are residing in the district and attending KPS for four years or more. Enrollment and residency must be continuous. The tuition benefit is graduated, with students who attend kindergarten through 12th grade receive 100 percent tuition coverage. The amount of tuition decreases for subsequent years of enrollment ending with students who enroll by at least ninth grade receiving 65 percent. 

The Promise is good at all public universities and colleges in Michigan, as well as at the private schools associated with the Michigan Colleges Alliance. Sixty-two institutions participate in the program.

For more information, visit our Kalamazoo Promise page

Enrollment/Other Forms

Registration Form

Registration Form - Spanish

Registration Form - Arabic

Registration Checklist

Out of District Request to Attend

School Transfer Request

Student registration forms can be printed, filled out and returned to your school during the school year (to find your assigned school, you can check the street address guide in the section below). During the summer months, student registration forms should be brought to the Student Services office in the KPS Administration Building, 1220 Howard St. 

Out of District enrollment forms should be printed and brought to the Student Services office in the KPS Administration Building, 1220 Howard St. 

For more information, contact Student Services at (269) 337-0161 or visit our general enrollment page

School Transfer Request

Code of Conduct

Attendance Procedures 2018-2019

Attendance Procedures-Spanish

Attendance Procedures-Arabic

Procedural Safeguards

Temporary Placement Form for Special Education

Emergency Drills

Request for Release

Maps & Street Guides

Click the map to see the district boundaries and find a district attendance area listing by stree address. 


About Kalamazoo

Downtown Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo is located in Southwestern Michigan approximately 136 miles west of Detroit and 145 miles east of Chicago. Founded in 1831, the city is the county seat and is easily accessible from both I-94 and U.S. 131, which cross the state from east to west and north to south, respectively. It is located just 45 minutes east of Lake Michigan.

Kalamazoo is home to Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. It has two nationally recognized healthcare systems, diverse and affordable housing, and many parks, lakes, and golf courses.

A wide variety of industries and businesses call Kalamazoo home, including major players in the pharmaceutical, medical science, and craft beer industries. The city also offers an array of cultural attractions including professional theaters, dance trouples, an award-winning community theater, a major keyboard festival, museums, visual arts, and more.

For more information on Kalamazoo, visit or


Need More Info?

For more information, contact Student Services at (269) 337-0161 or Communications at (269) 337-1572.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many schools are in the district? We offer classes at 26 buildings. We have 17 elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools.
  • How many students attend Kalamazoo Public Schools? We have approximately 13,000 students. 
  • Do you offer preschool classes? Yes. School Begins at 4! KPS values the opportunity for four year olds to receive educational services through Pre-kindergarten Early Education Program (PEEP), which is a Great Start Readiness Program. The program has full- and half-day sessions, in select elementary schools across the district. Meals are provided and transportation may be available. Orientation sessions are being offered at each elementary school on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. We invite parents/guardians to come see the programs and contact us for more information by calling (269) 337-0095.
  • How old do you have to be to enroll in  kindergarten? Students must be 5 by Sept. 1 of the year they enroll. Each spring we hold a Kindergarten Orientation. If you'd like to register outside of orientation, please call Student Services at (269) 337-0161.
  • What documents do you need to register? To register, you will need a child's birth certificate, immunization record, proof of hearing and vision screening (if available), and two proofs of residency (such as: utllity bill, a lease agreement or mortgage document).
  • How do you know which attendance district a house is in? There is a boundary map on the right side of this page. If you click on it, it will take you to a map and a street directory, which will list addresses and school assignments. If you have questions, call KPS Communications at (269) 337-1572.
  • I’m interested in learning more about KPS, is it possible to tour the district? Yes. Please contact the KPS Communications to schedule a tour at (269) 337-1572 or email .
  • What academic enrichment opportunities exist for students? KPS offers the A/T Program for academically talented students in early elementary. Older elementary students participate in Avant-Garde. In middle school, students can test into the Academically Talented program at Western Michigan University. High-achieving high school students can test for the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center. In addition, our high schools offer a wide range of Advanced Placement courses, through which students can earn college credit. High school students may also dual enroll at Western Michigan University or Kalamazoo Valley Community College.