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Social Justice Art, Book Bowl Winners

Students Competed in Various Activities to Mark MLK Day

Students from Kalamazoo Central High School, Loy Norrix High School, and Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts took home the top prizes in the Social Justice Art Show in January.

Cassandra Tank, a senior at Kalamazoo Central, who studies under Kellen Deau, was one of the top prize winners for her piece “From Fear to Strength.” In her artist statement, Tank said the work addressed sexual assault, noting, “Many victims stay silent, fearing the worst. They are afraid of what their family may think or how their family’s perspectives of them may change once they know the truth. My hope is for people to see my artwork, to feel strong enough to confront what has happened to them, and to finally speak up.”

Anaje Greymountain, an eighth grader at Maple Street, created “Tape.” She is taught by Gayle James. “Donald Trump” is trying to take away people’s voices, demonstrated by the tape around their mouth. It also represents modern slavery and how modern slaves have no voice and live in a society of free people when they aren’t free. The ignorance of all these things is represented by the hands telling the girl to stop because it’s almost as if they don’t want to know.”

Isabella Ford’s “Privileged Ones” addresses how “MLK stood up for civil rights and social inequality is a civil rights issue,” she said. “Much like racism, white privilege is an issue that affects our society in many negative ways.”

She is a sophomore at Loy Norrix and studies with Gregg Stevens. The art works were displayed at Linden Grove Middle School for the preliminary round of the Social Justice Book Bowl and later were displayed at Western MIchigan University.

The 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Social Justice Book Bowl preliminaries were held at Linden Grove, with finals taking place at Western Michigan University. Students read two books and went head-to-head answering trivia questions about the books, which were all related to themes of social justice. (Names in bold indicate the winners at each grade level.)

The sixth-grade teams were:

The Book Buddies, Milwood Magnet School — Tien Boucher, Ziyah Johnson, Jireh McNair, and Kate Nunez-Santizo.

Global Warriors, Hillside Middle School — Kayla Lyle, Jamison Merkling, Jordi Marroquin, and Lee Smith.

The Golden Ghost, Linden Grove Middle School — Carmen Capote-Melero, Leen Mardini, Michael Scott, and Kardierre Williams.

Justice Dreamers, Linden Grove — Giuliana Bush, Rachel Grice, Miriam Mughazy, and Marissa Wells.

Lightning Readers Chapter 3, Hillside — Annie Alkema, Nick Alkema, Max Johnson, Justin Nguyen, and Joey Spada.

The Talented Readers, Milwood Magnet School — Jaylen Henry, Terrell McClinton, Jordan Meek, and Zaynah Simonian.

The seventh- and eighth-grade teams were:

Beyond the Books, Maple Street — Ruby Berg, Isabella Essink, Grace Mahar, and Emily Porco.

The Blue Phoenix, Milwood — Julianna Camacho, Javon Harris, Diana Salazar-Ponce, and Joshua Washington.

Cuenco Libro de Justicia, Hillside — Nate Evans, Caitlin Gillish, and Bekah Hodgkins.

Immigration Sensations, Linden Grove — Isaiah Hawkes, Lucas Hunsinger, Sidney Mack, and Wallace Tatara.

Liberty Grove, Linden Grove — Jaelyn Andrick, Lydia Daniels, James Hunsinger, and Elliot Spoelstra.

The Original Global Readers, Milwood — Chauncy Coleman, Naliyah Hayes, Reznor Kleber, and Love’ Thompkins.

Seekers of Justice, Hillside — Chloe Back, Allison Bol, Abby Evans, and Allie Flegal.

The ninth- and 10th-grade teams were:

Knowledgeable Knights, Loy Norrix High School — Megan Hybels, Alexandria King, BrandiRose Phiri, and Samantha Shaffer.

Liberty Knights, Loy Norrix — Claire Beougher, Kamryn Kimbrough, Jayda Smith, and Carson Williams.

Rest in Pieces, Kalamazoo Central High School — Elizabeth Brack, Lauryn Crawley, Cameron Strunk, and Chance Vallelunga.

Words Have Power, Kalamazoo Central — Gabriella Barry, Gretta Gardner, Victoria McCouch, and Mollie McDonald.

The 11th- and 12th-grade teams were:

1,001 Identities, Kalamazoo Central — Anieyah Henderson, Amir Honeywood, Kaylana Jones, Jack Phillips, Aliyah Thomas, and Destiny Wells.

The Furious, Phoenix High School — Ashah Allen, Amir Bowden, Celeste Moss, Arturo Ramos-Morales, and Malik Taylor.

The Gauntlet, Kalamazoo Central — Belen Moreno-Aguilar, Sienna Crawford, Remington Ragan, Victoria Strickland, and Elise Warnicke.

Social Justice Bloggers, Loy Norrix — Elijah Anderson, Camille Bistrek, Cecilia Mireles Caballero, and Alexi Weeden.

Symptoms of Being Quizzers, Loy Norrix – Rowan Armour, Kim Chheu, Rondea Dotson, and Maya Goggans.

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