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Quartet Trades Classical for Classic Rock
Linda Mah
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Quartet Trades Classical for Classic Rock

Students Invited to Perform in 'Beatles vs. Stones" at State

A group of Loy Norrix High School students used to playing classical music, will have the opportunity to explore classic tunes of a different sort when they back up the tribute bands Abbey Road and Satisfaction — The International Rolling Stones Show at the State Theater on April 14.

A string quartet of freshman Chanel Wilson and Cassidy Conley, both violinists; senior Hanna Terrian, violist; and freshman Anthony Porco, cellist, will perform six songs during the show “Beatles vs. Stones” at 7 p.m. April 14 at the State Theater.

Terrian has been playing for eight years, while Wilson, Conley and Porco have each been playing about five years. Largely, the teens perform classical music in their quartet and with their school orchestra (and they expect that to continue if those auditioning for the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony Orchestra are accepted into the ensemble).

But, the teens, who call themselves the Codha Quartet, are all excited to being able to stretch musically.

“And, it’s more fun when you like what you’re playing,” Porco said.

Wilson plays a fair amount of jazz and R&B with her father. Porco said his parents introduced him to the Beatles when he was young. Terrian, who writes music, said she’s open to “trying anything musically.”

The ensemble was nominated for the honor by their Norrix orchestra teacher Sandra Shaw and quartet coach Carol Corey. And, it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks since then. They had less than two weeks to practice then record their video audition, during which they were required to play “Eleanor Rigby” and “Give Me Shelter,” two of the songs on the playlist for the show. During the show, they’ll also be playing back up on “Ruby Tuesday,” “A Day in the Life,” “Hey Jude,” and “Hello, Goodbye.”

“This is definitely more my style to play this kind of thing,” Terrian said.

“It’s definitely fun because it’s more familiar,” Conley said.

Quartets are known for their intimate back and forth between performers. The Norrix musicians said they expect “Beatles vs. Stones,” to be less of that kind of performing but to still challenge them.

They all need to be strong sight readers and to be able to follow the written music, because they’ll have only one rehearsal with the professionals in the show, and they’ll have to be able to follow the band members and shadow them musically, Wilson said.

Despite the high pressure and the short rehearsal period, Terrian said they’re excited to share the spotlight in a totally new setting on the stage of the State Theatre and to play before a paying audience.

“I just want to get up there and feel the music, and just flow with it,” Wilson said.


Chanel Wilson, Anthony Porco, Hannah Terrian, and Cassidy Conley will be performing with the "Beatles vs. Stones" concert at 7 p.m. April 14 at the State Theater.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Terrian Photography

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