Special Programs


The Kalamazoo Promise®

The Kalamazoo Promise is a one-of-a-kind scholarship that provides resident graduates of the Kalamazoo Public Schools with up to 100 percent of their tuition and mandatory fees for four years at Michigan’s public universities and community colleges.


Edison Environmental Science Academy

Edison Environmental Science Academy offers students the opportunity to develop the research skills necessary to make informed economic decisions while learning to appreciate the natural world around them.


Lincoln International Studies School

Lincoln International Studies School emphasizes an international theme, world cultures, and diversity.


Northglade Montessori Magnet School

Northglade Montessori Magnet School, an American Montessori Accredited Program, guides students in reaching their full potential within a social environment featuring developmentally and age appropriate materials and authentic learning experiences.


Spring Valley Center for Exploration

The following three content themes are the focus of the curriculum: Networking with Nature, Collaborating with Creativity, and Diversity.


Washington Writers’ Academy

Washington Writers’ Academy offers students the opportunity to meet with published authors and illustrators who assist them in developing their own works of literature in the academy’s Publication House.


Woods Lake Elementary: A Magnet Center for the Arts

The focus is to provide experiences for all children to participate in a myriad of arts experiences so that children can create, perform, and participate at many levels.


The Woodward School for Technology and Research

The Woodward School for Technology and Research is preparing students to think about how people’s decisions affect their lives and the environment.


Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts

As As a middle school, this school builds students’ exploration and integration of the arts through visual arts, literary/global arts, performing arts, and the use of technology.


Milwood Magnet School Center for Math, Science, and Technology

Math science, and technology drive learning that is grounded in core academics.


El Sol Elementary

El Sol Elementary is a dual language school (Spanish/English) that bridges languages and cultures.


Middle School Alternative Learning Program

Middle School Alternative Learning Program assists students who are disruptive in the mainstream environment and who need more intensive interventions than can be provided in our current middle schools.


Phoenix High School

Phoenix High School is designed for students who are not meeting with success in the traditional high school program, but still see graduation as an important step to success in life.


Programs for Gifted Students

Programs for Gifted Students include the Academically Talented Program for Grades 3-5, Avant Garde for Grade 5, Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP) for middle school, and Advanced Placement Classes (AP) for high school. Students with an interest in math and science can test into the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center.


Programs for Students with Special Needs

Inclusion, resource rooms and teachers, mainstreaming, Pre-Primary Impaired (ages 3-4), Pre-Kindergarten PEEP (age 4), Head Start, ECDD (Early Childhood Developmentally Delayed). For community help with special-needs children, visit the Parent-To-Parent website.


Summer Programs

Elementary, Migrant/Bilingual, Middle and High School Summer School, Summer Instrumental Music and various programs offered throughout the community.


Technological Facilities

Many of our elementary schools have undergone additions or remodeling to accommodate technology innovations with new science labs, computer labs, and the largest computer network in Kalamazoo. All schools and classrooms in the district have Internet access. Most schools have one or more computer labs.


Programs Promoting a Safe and Orderly Environment

Positive Behavior Supports, High School Peer Support Groups, Student Assistance Teams, Conflict Resolution, Peer Mediation


Parent Support Groups

PTO and school improvement and site planning teams. Parents are also involved in various ways.