Knight Life students attended the MIPA Spring Awards Ceremony on April 23rd and brought home 29 individual awards.  The newspaper received a Silver ranking overall.

The 2018-2019 Knight Life Staff: 

Front row:  Grace Marshall, Lucas Figueroa, Olivia Ely, Yesenia Salas, Maeve Hodge-McNutt, Tisha Pankop  Middle row: Kylazia Dye, Lillian MacInnis, Brandi-Rose Phiri, Riley Dominianni, Miranda Cole, Alexis Weeden, Esperanza Fraga-Vasquez, Devon Gross  Back row:  Brandon Schnurr, Paula Monotoro-Aragon, Justin Timmerman, Joshua McKissic, Gavin Rutherford, Jaelyn Anderson, Elliot Russell, Logan Neeley, Claudia Ligman, Noah Bond


Knight Life is a student produced publication that has been reporting the news since 1960.  Issues are published five times per school year. Knight Life, The Independent Voice of the Loy Norrix Community, is a separate publication that archives the print editions of Knight Life. 

To get involved in Knight Life, take the pre-requisites journalism class and then enroll in the Loy Norrix Advanced Journalism class. Advanced Journalism is an English credit senior year or it can be a fine arts or elective credit.

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Editor-in-Chief:  Grace Marshall

Web Editor:  Brandon Schnurr   

Asst. Web Editor:  Ciera McClenton-Langston, Elliot Russel    

Print Editor:  Devon Gross

Layout Editor:  Gavin Rutherford

Business Manager:  Jaelyn Anderson

Asst. Business Manager:  Brandi-Rose Phiri

Photo Editor:  Noah Bond

News Editor:  Lilly MacInnis    

Feature Editor:  Miranda Cole

Opinion Editor:  Olivia Ely

Sports Editor:  Justin Timmerman

Arts and Entertainment Editor:  Maya Crawford

Copy Editors:  Paula Montoro-Aragon, Alexis Weeden

Graphics Editor:  Yesenia Salas

Social Media Team:  Kailynne Besser, Kylazia Dye, Esperanza Fraga-Vasquez and Logan Neeley,

Staff Writers:  Nakia Brown, Riley Donimianni, Audreanna Dunton, Josh McKissic and Yasmin Mosqueda Montoya

Advisor:  Tisha Pankop