Milwood Magnet Middle School Parents

The Milwood parent group meets in conjunction with the School Leadership group once a month. The first part of the meeting is a joint meeting with the Leadership team, and the second part of the meeting is for the Parent Advisory Group. The meetings begin at 5:30pm, a short break is taken at 6:30pm and then the meeting resumes.

By meeting with the Leadership Team, parents can discover a wealth of information about our school and the Leadership Team can get input from the parents. During the Parent Advisory portion of the meeting, parents can ask questions, join together to benefit our school by planning events, and find others ways to help our school.

The parent group has been recognized as the PTO, Parent Advisory Team, and Parent Booster group in other schools. We'd like to extend a cordial invitation to all parents who'd like to help us with various school projects and learn more about the school curriculum and operations.

Parent Involvement

Milwood Magnet School stays strong with the help of our parents. Parents are involved in many ways, including being:

  • Members of the School Improvement Team.
  • Members of the Parent Group.
  • Volunteers for our All School Read.
  • Tutors in the classroom.
  • Donate a new book to the library.
  • Assist in the library
  • Mentor
  • Helpers with parent book clubs.
  • Assist with Literacy Night in March
  • Assist with Biotechnology theme needs and events
  • Bake cookies for Student Led Conferences and other events
  • Assist with Sports Banquets.
  • Run the concessions table during Sporting Events.
  • Chaperone at school dances or other events.
  • Assist with Athletics- timer, set up, etc.
  • Be a guide during New Student Orientation in the spring.
  • Assist in the office- copying, distributing mail, etc.
  • Provide snacks/food for teachers during conference times.
  • Assist with the Spring Talent Show.
  • Coordinating fun reward events for the students.
  • Assist on Picture Day.
  • Assist with the Greater Kalamazoo Area Food Drive- Nov/Dec.
  • Assist with the Portable Off-Site Dental Program.
  • Apply your talents to help our school.

To get involved with parent activities at Milwood Magnet School, contact (269)337-0670.

Ongoing Fundraisers for Milwood Magnet Middle School

Support Milwood Magnet while shopping for your family

While shopping for your family, you can support our school. These are not your normal fundraisers where you have to pay too much to get products that you may not really want. All you have to do is shop online, scan a card when you visit the grocery store, or clip a portion of the package, and you can help earn money for our school. 


There is a collection box in the office where you can turn in Box Tops, Campbell's Labels, Tyson Labels and Spartan UPCs.

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

Click here for more information about Box Tops for Education.

Campbell's Labels for Education

Campbell's Labels for Education

Click here for more information about Campbell's Labels for Education.

Club Bing

Club Bing

Play Games to get Tickets that you can use to make a donation to our school.

Every time you play games you earn tickets (up to 1000 per day) - getting you closer to a donation to our school.

You can give your tickets to charity from 1 - 30,000 Tickets.

It is a great, fun way to make a donation to our school, and it will make you think...

Hungry Howies

Hungry Howie's Pizza Fundraiser- third Wednesday of every month!

Click here for more information about the Hungry Howie's Fundraiser.


Meijer Rewards

Meijer Community Rewards

Click here for more information about Meijer Community Rewards.

Spartan Cash

Spartan Cash for Labels

Submit UPC codes for CASH

Click here for more information about Spartan Cash for Labels.